The Little Rabbit

I have been working on this book for 18 months and this book will be published this year.


A Sketch for My New Book

It's a picture book for children, and I hope I can finish it as soon as possible.



Portrayal of Lady in Yuan Dynasty

A Trapeze Artist

Long Necked Man

He is in charge of tickets for the circus.

Exhibition: The Circus 蹬蹬腳尖兒馬戲劇團

There was an exhibition of works by me at Eslite. I had fun working on it, and I hope to have more opportunities for this kind of event in the future.

Portrayal of Lady in Tang Dynasty

I tried to make my figure designs into paintings, and this is the first painting.


These are my own design from 2006 for the Palace Museum in Taiwan.

Pixie Logoogol


How tired you are...

Want to eat a piece of cloud....

Want to Eat a Piece of Cloud
I wanted to taste a piece of cloud
so, cleaned my emptiness plate
prepared my knife and fork
and then, the cloud cried with happiness tears....

Some Photos of My Exhibition-The Welding Girl

The Exhibition was held in a warehouse, where is really perfect for my "Welding Girl". I separated the space as 2 parts, one was for the studio of the welding girl, and the other part was for hanging my paintings.
In the part of studio, I took a lot photos of different kinds of machines, and output the images, attached them on cardboards, cut the shape out and then hung them up.
As a virtual reality idea, I want to make the studio looks substantial.


Another Image of My Exhibition

Images of My Exhibition


Since the paintings are big ( around 240x270 cm), I didn't frame them but roll them up for storing. It's not a good way to do it, but before I have a store place, this is the only way I can do...

My Solo Exhibition-The Weldinggirl Girl

The Welding Girl

Artist| YungYen Tsui
Date| 2007/11/03~2007/12/09
Venue| 261 Warehouse, Taitung Railway Art Village
Supervisor| Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan
Organizer| Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taitung County Government

Finally I got a wall to draw my paintings

In the end of year 2006, I refitted my house a little bit, so now I finally have a space- an empty wall- to do my big size paintings!